About Me:
Small town Kentucky country boy lived all over the country. Currently in Ruskin, FL
About Me:
Small town Kentucky country boy lived all over the country. Currently in Ruskin, FL

Food Sunday: Butter

By: Sunday June 29, 2014 4:00 pm

I love butter. It is the only thing I add to a baked potato (well salt and pepper but no sour cream.) I cook with butter (scrambled eggs and steak both.) Butter on my toast. Boiled and buttered potatoes. Butter floating on my mashed potatoes. As a kid, my dessert was often a slice of bread with fresh butter and sugar sprinkled on top. A marvelous pastry is a slice of Hawaiian sweet bread, buttered with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on and into the microwave for 15 seconds.

Pull Up a Chair: Influential Authors: Jerry Pournelle

By: Saturday June 28, 2014 4:00 am

One of the things I have learned over the years when reading, regardless of the genre, is to separate the tale being told from the possible political bias. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is in your face but it is almost always there. Jerry Pournelle is one of the authors whose politics and views on a lot of issues I probably disagree with yet he does tell a tale quite well.

Saturday Art: Vintage Authors: Allen Drury

By: Saturday June 21, 2014 7:05 pm

I know I was in high school when I first read Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent but I also know that I was aware of the book for years before I read it. It wasn’t until this Firedoglake Book Salon a few months ago that I became aware that elements of the story were based on real life events.

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Colleen McCullough

By: Saturday June 14, 2014 6:41 pm

I admit I was quite surprised when I first came across First Man in Rome. While The Thorn Birds offers a “…epic saga of a family rooted in the Australian sheep country” it is far more of a historical romance than The Masters of Rome series which is a well researched series of historical fiction of Ancient Roman times covering most of the time when Rome was transitioning from a republic to a dictatorship and empire. I was not at all aware of the names and times of the major characters of the first two books – although the second book, The Grass Crown made the end of this scene from Spartacus make sense. The third book of the series, Fortune’s Favorites introduced Julius Caesar, a name we are most all familiar with.

Food Sunday: Birthday Dinners

By: Sunday June 8, 2014 3:01 pm

What is your ultimate birthday meal? Do you have to prepare it yourself or does your significant other shoo you out of the kitchen and do it for you? What’s your dessert?

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Edgar Allan Poe

By: Saturday June 7, 2014 6:40 pm

Edgar Allan Poe is an author that has set the standard in a lot of genres that writers strive for.

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Kurt Vonnegut

By: Saturday May 31, 2014 6:40 pm

The first Vonnegut book I read was Cat’s Cradle. I very nearly converted to Bokononism after this.

Can You Help FDL Keep Poking the Powers?

By: Wednesday May 28, 2014 4:06 pm

As Jane notes, Firedoglake has been around now for nearly ten years. I’ve been hanging around myself for at least 8 years and recall the days of “Zed!” and “Frist!” (ya probably had to be there). I’ve built ziggurats in the comments and I’ve been EPU’d.

Please help us keep the lights on.

Memorial Day and the VA

By: Monday May 26, 2014 2:50 pm

There is a strong link between the VA and Memorial Day.

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