About Me:
Small town Kentucky country boy lived all over the country. Currently in Ruskin, FL
About Me:
Small town Kentucky country boy lived all over the country. Currently in Ruskin, FL

Saturday Art: The Greatest Year in Movies 75 Years Later

By: Saturday December 27, 2014 2:00 pm

I’m taking a break today from my series on personally Influential Authors to talk about movies. Specifically, movies from 1939, a year that I (and many film critics) consider the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time.)

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Frederik Pohl

By: Saturday December 6, 2014 1:00 pm

Please Note: When I began this series, it was to cover a lot of authors whom I have found personally influential, even though this may only be because I enjoyed the stories they have told in their books or short stories. I’m just fortunate enough and well read enough that many of the authors I [...]

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Betty Layman Receveur

By: Saturday November 29, 2014 9:55 am

I was living in Rome, NY when I first read Oh Kentucky!. It was an easy decision to pick up the book when I saw the title and read the blurb on the cover. I have always been proud of Kentucky and was quite intrigued to read a tale set in the early days of settlement. I think the only disappointment I had in the book was there was no mention of my six great grandmother, (Elizabeth Boone Grant was Daniel Boone’s younger sister) who was one of the women of Bryan Station just north of Lexington and was the site of a siege by Indians during the Revolutionary War.

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Carole Nelson Douglas

By: Saturday November 22, 2014 11:17 am

There are now 26 novels in the Midnight Louie series. I have not come close to reading them all. In fact, I have only read the first eight or so starting with Catnap through Cat in a Golden Garland. I have also read a number of mystery anthologies that have included Midnight Louie short stories including Cat Crimes II, Cat Crimes for the Holidays, and Cat Crimes Through Time.

Detroit: A Tale of Two Cities: Post-Bankruptcy

By: Tuesday November 18, 2014 2:45 pm

Discussion of Detroit, MI falling from premier industrial city to bankruptcy and the ramifications.

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Mary Renault

By: Saturday November 15, 2014 11:45 am

I remember seeing some of Renault’s books at my grandmother’s as I was growing up but I had not read anything until I was in college when The King Must Die was part of the required reading for one of my classes. I think the class was History of Social Thought which was one of the required courses for my Sociology major. Regardless of the class, I read the book, enjoyed the story and now had another author of historical fiction covering one of the eras that had always fascinated me. It was easy for me to pick up and read the sequel to The King Must Die which was The Bull from the Sea.

Veterans Day 2014

By: Tuesday November 11, 2014 2:45 pm

I know that I get uncomfortable when I am told “Thank you for your service.” To be honest, I really don’t need that thanks. If you want to thank me, make sure you keep the Veterans Administration fully funded. Make sure the VA hospitals are open, fully staffed with competent medical personnel, and quit making “wounded warriors.” Quit using people up and throwing them on the street. Quit making things so that organizations such as Final Salute are necessary.

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Sara Paretsky

By: Saturday November 1, 2014 6:40 pm

Sara Paretsky created the detective series V.I. Warshawski, set in Chicago.

Late Night: RIP Jack Bruce

By: Saturday October 25, 2014 8:00 pm

f you are of a certain age, you listened to Jack Bruce. Oh you may not have known his name but I guarantee you listened to him. Bruce was the bass player and vocals for Cream alongside Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker

Saturday Art: Influential Authors: John Jakes

By: Saturday October 25, 2014 4:00 pm

It has been a while since I last read some of John Jakes’ works but there was a time in the ’70s and ’80s when I read just about everything as soon as it was published. I was still in college when I first started seeing a book titled The Bastard on the book racks around town. This book was shortly followed by The Rebels and The Seekers.

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