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January 10, 2008

Rick Santorum: John McCain Is An Unelectable “Left-Wing” RINO

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Here’s a perfect illustration of why I’m so confident that St. McCain is doomed, no matter what Democrat he faces. Wingnuts like Sen. Man-On-Dog absolutely hate the man. Hate him.

Check out his recent interview with Mrs. Romney Hugh Hewitt:

HH: Now you know, I think pretty much everyone on our side of the aisle believes you know the media just about better than anyone, and you know how they can manipulate a race. They’re trying to force Mitt Romney out. Should the Governor go?

RS: No, absolutely not. I think this race is wide open. I think Mitt Romney still has a very good chance of winning. You know, I think right now, we’re looking at the media trying to make Barack Obama the president, and make John McCain the shill for him. And I don’t see, I think they know that John McCain can’t win this election, and they know…it’s probably the best chance for them to do it.

What a cunning plan! But I thought the media loved the Clintons. Clinton News Network? And if the liberal media really wanted Obama to be president, wouldn’t it be smarter to discredit all of the Republican candidates, including the easily-discredited St. McCain? I’m so confused.

HH: Why can’t John McCain win this election?

RS: Well, number one, John McCain will not get the base of the Republican Party. I mean, there was a reason John McCain collapsed last year, and it’s because he was the frontrunner, and everybody in the Republican Party got a chance to look at him. And when they looked at him, they wait well, wait a minute, he’s not with us on almost all of the core issues of…on the economic side, he was against the President’s tax cuts, he was bad on immigration. On the environment, he’s absolutely terrible. He buys into the complete leftwing environmentalist movement in this country. He is for bigger government on a whole laundry list of issues. He was…I mean, on medical care, I mean, he was for re-importation of drugs. I mean, you can go on down the list. I mean, this is a guy who on a lot of the core economic issues, is not even close to being a moderate, in my opinion.

Man-On-Dog’s lifetime ACU rating: 88. St. McCain’s lifetime ACU rating: 82. Heretic!!! Seriously, all this "McCain will be tough to beat in the general" silliness needs to stop immediately.

Back to the interview, the conversation ends when Man-On-Dog stops short of endorsing Hugh’s mancrush:

HH: The direction’s toward Romney, isn’t it?

RS: I don’t know. I mean, I’ve got…I mean, I could have a whole long discussion on Romney and my concerns with him, too. So it’s not an easy call. Thompson and Romney are certainly the two most conservative candidates in the race. But they both have their problems, not as severe as the others, but they both have their problems.

HH: Rick Santorum, always a pleasure.

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