Just so you know where you stand


(photo: kittyz202)

In Ferguson…

…the recent actions of other police officers have revealed the depth of the rift between the Ferguson community and local authorities

On Wednesday, police officer Lt. Ray Albers was suspended after video surfaced of him threatening and pointing a weapon at a crowd of Ferguson protesters.

Then on Friday, police officer Dan Page, who worked in Ferguson during the protests, was suspended after video surfaced showing him making racist, sexist and homophobic comments during a speech addressing the Oath Keepers of St. Louis and St. Charles. During the speech, Page unapologetically called himself “a killer.”

Around the same time, another St. Louis-area police officer, Matthew Pappert, was suspended for posting incendiary messages on Facebook, including a statement that reportedly said Ferguson protesters should be “put down like rabid dogs.

Meanwhile no criminal charges filed yet filed in the death of Michael Brown.

But, hey, speaking of dogs

A Wyoming police officer has pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges tied to the death of a dog left inside a sweltering patrol car for more than six hours, local media reported.

Priorities, I guess.

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