Ever “Tricky” but he’s just the trendsetter

As noticed by these folks, George Will had a pretty startling reveal of one of Richard Nixon’s less famous crimes.

On Nov. 2 at 8:34 p.m., a teleprinter at Johnson’s ranch delivered an
FBI report on the embassy wiretap: Chennault had told South Vietnam’s
ambassador “she had received a message from her boss (not further
identified).?.?.?. She said the message was that the ambassador is to
‘hold on, we are gonna win.’?” The Logan Act of 1799 makes it a crime
for a private U.S. citizen, which Nixon then was, to interfere with U.S.
government diplomatic negotiations.

So Richard Nixon…delayed the end of the Vietnam War so he could help win himself the right to order the illegal bombing of Cambodia.

The fact this comes from George Will makes one wonder whether a column is coming out in about six years revealing that Ronald Reagan and his campaign advisers mucked up the process of liberating Americans held prisoner in Iran.

Of course, those were the old days when the GOP felt it necessary to commit war crimes in the dark, as opposed to openly as part of the new Fall rollout.

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