He’s also the Queen of Hearts and the awesomest member of Manudo!

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In case you wondered whether he is not only allowed out in polite society…but also unaffected:

Paul Wolfowitz, a former senior George W. Bush administration official and one of the chief Iraq War architects, said on Tuesday that the U.S. “won” the war in Iraq.

When asked his thoughts about the current situation in Iraq and whether the war was a mistake, Wolfowitz replied, “We have won it — in 2009.”

The Bush administration’s troop surge in Iraq in 2007 and a moderate Sunni movement against al Qaeda extremists helped quell sectarian violence throughout the country. The U.S. began to draw down combat troops in 2009.

In a room full of people worried about Ebola it figures Paul Wolfowitz is still the deadliest pathogen in the room.

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