All sorts of this ‘n’ that this weekend:

PoliCyBear begs to differ with Charlie Pierce on Ron Wyden’s alleged bravery, by bringing up Mike Gravel.

– When last we saw perennial self-funding candidate for statewide office Matt Entenza, he who is currently pouring hundreds of thousands into a ridiculous effort to primary the able and competent Rebecca Otto for her State Auditor job, he had just sent out a sleazy mailer replete with claims that had just been rejected as bogus by a three-member panel from Minnesota’s Office of Administrative Hearings. Well, he did it again, this time with a mailing that cited local public news outlet Minnesota Public Radio as allegedly backing up its claims — something for which MPR took a swipe at him.

– Here’s a current list of the world’s tallest buildings.

– For you vicarious food fans out there: Try the blog of Not Quite Nigella, a lass from Down Under.