Who needs to stop at “third-world level” services?…THIS IS ‘MURICA we can make hellscapes like no other!

While everybody in America can have a gun, apparently having water is not so important.

It was six in the morning when city contractors showed up unannounced at Charity Hicks’ house.

Since spring, up to 3000 Detroit households per week have been getting their water shut-off – for owing as little as $150 or two months in bills. Now it was the turn of Charity’s block – and the contractor wouldn’t stand to wait an hour for her pregnant neighbour to fill up some jugs.

“Where’s your water termination notice?” Charity demanded, after staggering to the contractor’s truck. A widely-respected African-American community leader, she has been at the forefront of campaigns to ensure Detroiters’ right to public, accessible water.

The contractor’s answer was to drive away, knocking Charity over and injuring her leg. Two white policemen soon arrived – not to take her report, but to arrest her. Mocking Charity for questioning the water shut-offs, they brought her to jail, where she spent two days before being released without charge.

At this point, a mere quarter-million or so folks have lost their ability to obtain clean water…meanwhile, GM, Chrysler and who knows how many banks are doing just fine on that government bailout money.

But hey, those corporations are people…and those people of Detroit are, uh, apparently not.

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