They are just getting into this whole “smack talk” idea

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On a somewhat lighter note.

You’d think China could learn a thing or two from North Korea, but trash talking from the late 1940s is I guess all they had left from the Chang-era.

Britain is an “old, declining empire” which resorts to “eccentric acts” to hide its embarrassment over its declining power, an official Chinese newspaper has claimed on the second day of a visit by the country’s premier, Li Keqiang, to London.

Invalid on present-tense usage alone. Who’s advising them, Karl Rove and his Sweden-slams?  If they still denied China Hong Kong maybe but that switch happened last century.

British Prime Minister then replied in the most stereotypical way possible.

…if you’re David Cameron, this is when you use the international hotbed of a card that is Downton Abbey… He gave Chinese premier Li Keqiang a copy of the script for the show’s first episode signed by creator Julian Fellowes.

Yeah, that’ll show ’em Britain’s not an old, declining empire.

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