Late Late Night FDL: The Fox and the Winking Horse

Aesop and SonThe Fox and the Winking Horse.  This Jay Ward Productions cartoon first aired on July 14, 1962.

Directed by Gerard Baldwin, Frank Braxton, Pete Burness, Sal Faillace, Paul Harvey, Jim Hiltz, Bill Hurtz, Lew Keller, Ted Parmelee, Gerry Ray, Dun Roman, Bob Schleh, George Singer, Ernie Terrazas, John Walker, and Rudy Zamora. Produced by Jay Ward, Bill Scott, and Ponsonby Britt O.B.E. Written by George Atkins, Al Burns, Jim Critchfield, Chris Hayward, Chris Jenkyns, Jim MacGeorge, John Marshall, Paul Mazursky, Jack Mendelsohn, Bill Scott, Larry Tucker, and Lloyd Turner. Animated by Bob Bachman, Howard Baldwin, Herman Cohen, Phil Duncan, Bob Goe, Fred Madison, Bob Maxfield, Gary Mooney, Barrie Nelson, Jack Schnerk, Rod Scribner, and Alan Zaslove. Edited by Skip Craig and Roger Donley. Voices by Charlie Ruggles (Aesop), Daws Butler (Aesop Junior, The Fox, The Posse Leader),and Bill Scott (The Sheriff, Bank President, Engineer).

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