Well, at least the black helicopter crowd will be happy

United Nations Logo via Wikimedia

The purpose of the United Nations is human rights?  Not so much.

The United Nations is facing a chorus of criticism over the inauguration as president of its general assembly of Uganda‘s foreign minister, just four months after that country enforced a brutal and widely denounced anti-gay law.

Sam Kutesa will become ceremonial head of the world parliament on 11 June. There will be no ballots cast and he will be “elected by acclamation”, as he is the only candidate for the 12-month post, having been chosen by t he African Union for the job that falls this year to Africa on a Buggins’ turn basis.

But I’m sure his hands are clean in that whole matter right?

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, signed the anti-homosexuality act in February. It builds on an existing ban on homosexuality dating back to British colonial times and authorises life imprisonment for “repeat homosexuals” – couples in a committed relationship; seven-year sentences for anyone helping gay people to avoid detection; and five years in prison for “promotion of homosexuality”.

Kutesa, as Uganda’s foreign affairs chief, was responsible for defending the law in the face of international condemnation.

And he gets his ceremonial reward.

What a fine gloss on the United Nations failing even in lip-service.  But at least your paranoid neighbor with the sign demanding the “U.S. get out of the United Nations” thinks his guns are going to be taken by a fellow group of homophobes.

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