The lack of needle and the damage done

Vaccination (Photo: John Vachon, 1939, Lib. of Cong.)
Thanks so much ignoramuses and paranoids of all stripes, be they celebrities or no. But by all means, keep agitating against vaccinations.

The ongoing measles outbreak in the United States has reached a record for any year since the disease was eliminated in this country 14 years ago, with 288 cases of the potentially deadly infection reported in 18 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

The largest measles clusters are in Ohio (138 confirmed cases), California (60) and New York (26), according to the CDC.

Most all of the cases in Ohio are in the Amish community, who do not believe in vaccinations and never have.

It’s just supposition — but I guess it is better than speculating on who Bill O’Reilly’s gonna “be Killin’” next — but I bet many of the cases in California are connected to Jenny McCarthy — like an Amish community that only vaccinates with botox.

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