“Why yes, I was born yesterday…and in this very State!”

One of the truly great universal hypocrisies of politics, cutting across Party lines is the convenient carpetbagging of the ambitious politician…and those who call it out.

But it takes a truly flexible spine to pull off what two prominent Republicans are doing…a double-jocklock of baggery of one kind, or another.

First, Pat Roberts, ostensibly of Kansas…not that he even bothers being there.

And, Scott Brown, just two-and-a-half years from proclaiming Elizabeth Warren a “carpetbagger” for the crime of having been born in another state (plus, her mother and father were totally “doin’ it”, that’s probably a crime in Oklahoma). To moving to New Hampshire and

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown has begun seeking campaign staff while aggressively courting New Hampshire’s political elite

Well, could be worse, I guess.

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