“What’s another five-dozen dead people compared to the love of my life?”

Mass shootings in Colorada kill 14, wound 50 (photo: gruntzooki)

The price of obsessive gun-love and dropping the first clause of that Second Amendment.

Researchers claim a new study provides some of the most compelling evidence yet for tighter gun controls in the US.

The team followed the consequences of the State of Missouri repealing its permit-to-purchase handgun law in 2007.

The law had required purchasers to be vetted by the local sheriff and to receive a licence before buying a gun.

Reporting soon in the Journal of Urban Health, the researchers will say that the repeal resulted in an immediate spike in
gun violence and murders.

The study links the abandonment of the background check to an additional 60 or so murders occurring per year in Missouri between 2008
and 2012.

“Coincident exactly with the policy change, there was an immediate upward trajectory to the homicide rates in Missouri,” said
Prof Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research.

And undoubtedly, nothing more will be heard of this study again.

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