Those who forget history may be doomed to repeat it…but

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Those who re-write it, can make sure of it.

Seventy years ago, the nation of Hungary which had spent the bulk of the Second World War as ally of Nazi Germany saw a brief period of resistance crushed when the Germans invaded.  This led to a rushed implementation of the “Final Solution” to Hungary’s Jews.  Hundreds of thousands were killed in a few weeks.

Such was the price of enabling Hitler for the previous decade.

How to memorialize the event?

Why with a giant white-wash:

At the heart of the debate is a stone and bronze memorial due to be unveiled on 19 March, marking 70 years since the Nazi invasion of Hungary. Standing 23ft tall, it depicts an eagle swooping down on the Archangel Gabriel. The allegory is clear – Nazi Germany attacking its innocent Hungarian prey. Omitted from that particular interpretation of history is any mention of the decades of persecution Hungary’s Jews faced ahead of the 1944 invasion, or state complicity in the deaths of 437,000 Holocaust victims in the space of a few weeks in the summer of 1944.

But then what’s a little cognitive dissonance amongst nations?

It’s not like the folks in power don’t rely upon that.

I’m sure in 70 years, somebody will say something about how awesome drone bombings of civilians at weddings and funerals were.

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