Another gift from the First World to the Third

Let’s just add this to the top-five or so reasons the next time somebody asks “why do they hate us?”

The incidence of cancer globally has increased in just four years
from 12.7m in 2008 to 14.1m new cases in 2012, when there were 8.2m
deaths. Over the next 20 years, it is expected to hit 25m a year – a 70%

The biggest burden will be in low- and middle-income
countries. They are hit by two types of cancers – those triggered by
infections, such as cervical cancers, which are still very prevalent in
poorer countries that don’t have screening, let alone the HPV vaccine,
and increasingly cancers associated with more affluent lifestyles “with
increasing use of tobacco, consumption of alcohol and highly processed
foods and lack of physical activity”, writes the World Health
Organisation director general, Margaret Chan, in an introduction to the

And as tradition dictates in the West, we’ll cash their checks and say “You’re welcome”.

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