Well, obviously this has all worked out well

George W. Bush and Barack Obama (White House photo by Eric Draper)
The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has accomplished more than just corruption, oil-company options, opium money, and fiery death from the sky.

Nope, the hellscape that is, and has long been Afghanistan has managed to become even worse.


Afghanistan is raising a stunted generation whose hobbled development could spell disaster for the country’s feeble economy and undermine the impact of billions of dollars in aid poured into health, education and other areas.

More than half of Afghan girls and boys suffer damage to their minds and bodies that cannot be undone because they are poorly nourished in the crucial first two years of life, doctors and other experts say. The finding raises serious questions about the legacy of more than 10 years of western involvement in Afghanistan.

Hey, maybe we can turn it up a couple notches and export all our lead-based paint there too?

You know, for “freedom’s sake”.

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