What does it sound like when the Beltway cries?

Man who will never get nominated, apparently can no longer be elected. Somehow breaking news.

More bad news for embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: A new Quinnipiac poll shows he’s fallen behind Hillary Clinton by 8 percentage points.

Christie, embroiled in controversy over the September closing of the George Washington Bridge, had been up by 1 over Clinton in a Quinnipiac 2016 trial heat in December..

Of course the fact that Christie for some bizarre reason has never been thought of as “conservative” enough, ironically, may be helped by this new re-emphasis on his being an underhanded bully and thug — with literally the “right” people.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) was warmly received by donors at fundraisers Saturday in Florida as he gave the state’s governor $2.5 million on behalf of the Republican Governor’s Association, according to a GOP source.

…the source, who asked not to be named, said the scandal didn’t deter donors. The source said Christie got a standing ovation at the first fundraiser of the day

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