Our “civilized” society

Lethal injection room, San Quentin State Prison, California

Oh, good plan.

On Thursday, the state of Ohio is scheduled to inject Dennis McGuire, 53, with two drugs: first, the sedative midazolam; then, the painkiller hydromorphone. When it is over, McGuire, who was convicted of the 1989 rape and murder of Joy Stewart, will be dead – which is Ohio’s goal. But the procedure is untried and untested; the drugs that the state will employ have never been used in a death chamber. And experts have warned in legal proceedings that if the process goes wrong, McGuire will not just peacefully drift away, but will be awake, struggling and failing to pull enough air into his lungs, until the drug overdose that will kill him takes hold.

Mr. McGuire, of course, is obviously a horrible human being, so naturally few people will care — who  is cared for less in this country than people on death row?   (sadly you could probably still make a list).

“Experimenting” with ways to kill people has an awful Josef Mengele quality to it.

If this doesn’t work, maybe we’ll next try the Kim Jong Un method.

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