Not enough cubits

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Hard to believe that Kentucky’s least popular tourist trap (outside of the KFC Human/Chicken Genome Double-Down Project) is having trouble expanding.

For it’s one thing to suffer the eyesore of the “Creation Museum” where kids can ride dinosaurs, just like Jesus. It’s apparently another to contemplate another expansion into banality.

Plans for a Christian theme park in Northern Kentucky featuring a 510-foot-long replica of Noah’s Ark are likely to sink unless the project raises millions of dollars from investors in the coming weeks.

The Courier-Journal reports that the project, undertaken by the Christian non-profit Answers in Genesis, has sold unrated municipal bonds worth $26.5 million, but needs to sell another $29 million by Feb. 6 to avoid triggering redemption of what’s already been sold.

Maybe if they added a hands-on “immaculate conception” demonstration…for the kids?

Sounds like a good money-laundering operation for the Koch Brothers…sorry another good money-laundering operation for the Koch Brothers.

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