Santana (ft. Steven Tyler) – Just Feel Better

Carlos is a real class act…

Carlos Santana has been reunited with a pre-fame bandmate who fell on hard times over 40 years ago, and he’s vowed to turn his old friend’s life around.

‘Magnificent’ Marcus Malone was a member of the Carlos Santana Blues Band in 1967 – but wound up in trouble with the law. And by the time Santana had become a big name act they’d lost touch with the percussionist.

That changed when CNN reporter Stanley Roberts interviewed a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco, who claimed to be Malone and asked for help. Santana saw the TV report and went looking for his former colleague with no luck. Finally his manager spoke to Roberts, who arranged the emotional moment captured on camera below.

“It’s an honour to be in your presence, man,” Santana told his old friend after they hugged. “I always cherished you. You and your family were so gracious to us.” Afterwards he confirmed: “That’s him, man – that’s ‘Magnificent’ Marcus Malone alright. His spirit is indomitable.”

In a later phone interview Santana said: “We knew he’d got into trouble just as the band started to explode. We went to Woodstock, and he wound up in San Quentin. We’d been trying to look for him all these years.”

Arrangements are in place for Malone’s royalties to be paid for his early Santana work – but that’s not the end of the story. Santana continues: “I want to offer Marcus a place to stay, an apartment; and I want to offer my brother Marcus an opportunity to record on our next album. We’ve written a song for him called Magnificant Marcus Malone and we want him to play on it.”

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