Late Late Night FDL: Donald’s Snow Fight

Donald’s Snow Fight.  This Walt Disney cartoon was released on April 10, 1942.

Directed by Jack King (uncredited). Assistant Directing by Ralph Chadwick (uncredited) and Bob Newman (uncredited). Produced by Walt Disney. Story by (in alphabetical order) Carl Barks (uncredited) and Harry Reeves (uncredited). Animation by Lee J. Ames (uncredited), Jim Armstrong (uncredited), Walt Clinton (uncredited), Jack Hannah (uncredited), Hal King (uncredited), Ed Love (uncredited), Lee Morehouse (uncredited), Ray Patin (uncredited), Retta Scott (uncredited), Don Towsley (uncredited), and Judge Whitaker (uncredited). Layouts by Bill Herwig (uncredited). Visual Effects Animation by Jack Boyd (uncredited), Andy Engman (uncredited), Joseph Gayek (uncredited), Jack Manning (uncredited), Ed Parks (uncredited), Reuben Timmins (uncredited), and Don Tobin (uncredited). Voices by Clarence Nash (Donald Duck / Huey / Dewey / Louie – uncredited). Music by Oliver Wallace (uncredited).

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