Flagrente Derangedio

Well, as you all know, after five years that clever President Obama finally engaged in 12-dimensional chess — but not enough to fool John Cornyn.

Nope, Cornyn was on to the attempt of Barack Obama — and five other nations in addition to Iran — to agree to a deal JUST TO SAVE “Obamacare”.

Thus two long-time wishes of conservatives everywhere have come to fruition.

1. They get to bemoan the continued existence of the underwhelming medical reform legislation they always dreamed of passing, until Democrats passed it.

2. They get to continue to bemoan “appeasing” things like not war via bombing brown people in the name of peace without actually having to do so.

This will not stand, well it may stand, but the dream of bombing the Iranians until the rubble bounces is such a long-standing right-wing wet dream it will not be given up so easily.

And naturally, the conservatives designee as Secretary of State (they consider him more American than the current American President) comes through for them…so to speak.

And, of course, the Democrats have their own enablers.


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