Late Night: Let Charles Krauthammer Decide When to Stop Hitting You

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It’s only okay to overcome prejudice if nobody bothers you about it: 

I don’t like the language police ensuring that no one anywhere gives offense to anyone about anything. And I fully credit the claim of Redskins owner Dan Snyder and many passionate fans that they intend no malice or prejudice and that “Redskins” has a proud 80-year history they wish to maintain.


When I was growing up, I thought “gyp” was simply a synonym for “cheat,” and used it accordingly. It was only when I was an adult that I learned that gyp was short for gypsy. At which point, I stopped using it.

Not because I took a poll of Roma to find out if they were offended. If some mysterious disease had carried away every gypsy on the planet, and there were none left to offend, I still wouldn’t use it.

See, Charles Krauthammer has evolved, you guys, and if we would just all wait, and be polite, everyone would evolve. Then there would be no need for “political correctness,” which as we all know is worse than a dozen Obamahitlers.

It does not occur to this stupendous nitwit that part of the reason words come to be known as offensive is that people targeted by them speak up, and eventually that filters through to even the most clueless rich beltway dillhole.

No, his evolution happened all by itself, through the genuine goodness and decency inherent in his noble soul. It had nothing to do with the people those words describe, or how they felt hearing themselves characterized such, or whether they were within their rights to say look, we don’t like that, knock it off.

They barely exist, just as they did when he was cluelessly using words like Negro and Redskin and Gyp. They don’t matter. What matters is that Charles Krauthammer’s evolution happened at its own pace. People offended by the stupid things he said should have been perfectly content to wait for him and people like him to grow up.

In silence, as befits their inferiority, without insisting on owning their names.


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