Late Late FDL: If 60’s Were 90’s

Beautiful PeopleIf 60’s Were 90’s.  From the YouTube description written by bandmate Du Kane:

Chilled out reworking of the Hendrix lyrical and melodical classic If 6 was 9 by Beautiful People, it was a sort of Enigma meets Jimi with 10cc bvs round at the orbs house… we sampled loads of blues guitar from Voodoo Chile, we managed to lift Jimi’s entire finale solo from Voodoo Chile and it fitted perfectly at the end..of this lovely tune. Shot in March1994 video directed by Richard Heslop shot at Richards house in Hammersmith and Notting Hill. Features Jimi Hendrix Jnr as he was a friend of the band… tune created and reworked by Du kane and Luke Baldry in 1991 recorded at Dukane’s Mums house in Sussex . From the acclaimed album of the same name. enjoy love Du Kane

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