FDL Movie Night: The ROMEOWS (Retired Older Men Eating Out Wednesdays)

The ROMEOWS: Retired Older Men Eating Out Wednesdays is just that, and much more. The ROMEOWS follows a group of Brooklyn College alumna who have been been gathering weekly for fifteen or twenty years (not even the ROMEOWS are sure how long their weekly sojourns have been going on).  Directed by Robert Sarnoff, one of the ROMEOWS, this gentle documentary is about friendship, with a good dose of meditation on the state of the world, politics, marriage, kids, movies, the future, and the past.

With one exception, all the ROMEOWS, including the film’s director Sarnoff, attended Brooklyn College, graduation circa 1959 and 1960. The BC alums belonged to Lord House, an alternative to fraternities, bonding in college over music, studies, and winning the all-college sports trophy.  After graduation they drifted apart, but at their 30th college reunion their re-connection grew from sporadic meetings into a regular, weekly dinner at one of three restaurants.

They break bread and they break each others’ chops, these ROMEOWS, each week celebrating relationships that have lasted longer than most marriages. These are smart, funny, lovable guys who are fun to hang out with as they nosh, shoot hoops, go their their 50th reunion, continuing to embrace and engage the world around them.  I hope we’re all as lively as feisty as the ROMEOWS in a few years!

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