Your “outreach” resembles a slap to the face

A robust slap, courtesy of obstructionist Dems (photo by Vermin Inc)

The GOP’s self-anointed intellectuals (they require self-anointment, because nobody else thinks so) continue to show why they are a Party for the future, like the Whigs.

Oh sure a few Republican Senators vote for Immigration reform…but the more than two-thirds of them don’t.  And why not keep in the same mindframe as this?

Last week, in an interview with the conservative radio program “The Clay and Marty Show,” Schlafly let fly with a blast of completely unfiltered anti-Latino racism.

“The people that Republicans ought to reach out to are the white voters,” she said by phone. Latino voters, she maintained, will never vote
Republican because they don’t “have Republican inclinations at all. They’re running an illegitimacy rate that’s just about the same as the
blacks are.”

But hey, they have the modern intolerance of Chris Christie:

On his “Ask the Governor” radio show, Christie made very clear on the “Ask the Governor” radio show that he believes marriage should be
between a man and a woman.

That kind of wrong-headed statement Obama would have made in 2008 and that is not going to work at the Iowa Caucuses in 2016.  You have to work in some good slanders.

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