And I bet he wants his income taxes cut too

Ah, the “War on Terror” has anything ever been more profitable?

Over the last decade, former Navy Secretary Richard J. Danzig, a prominent lawyer, presidential advisor and biowarfare consultant to the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, has urged the government to counter what he called a major threat to national security.

Terrorists, he warned, could easily engineer a devastating killer germ: a form of anthrax resistant to common antibiotics.

U.S. intelligence agencies have never established that any nation or terrorist group has made such a weapon, and biodefense scientists say
doing so would be very difficult.

Nevermind, can you use fear to make a profit?

Oh yes:

Danzig did this while serving as a director of a biotech startup that won $334 million in federal contracts to supply just such a drug, a Los
Angeles Times investigation found.

Meanwhile, let’s cut more food stamps and Medicare.

Oh, and based on the above, you might think Danzig was a “loyal Bushie”.

He’s not, he has substantial connections to both Clinton and Obama too.

A bipartisan approach to making a profit on panic.

So ignore this scandal and go back to Benghazi.

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