Late Late Night FDL: Spy In The Sky

Secret SquirrelSpy In The Sky.  This Hanna Barbera cartoon first aired on November 12, 1966.

Directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and Associate Producer Alex Lovy. Written by Warren Foster, Mike Maltese, Dalton Sandifer, and Tony Benedict. Animation by George Kreisl, Irv Spence, Ed Aardal, Don Lusk, Bob Carr, Don Patterson, C. L. Hartman, Bill Hutten, Dick Lundy, Allan Wilzbach, Carlo Vinci, Ken Southworth, Jack Parr, Rudy Cataldi, Jerry Hathcock, and Louis Kachivas. Animation Directed by Charles Nichols (as Charles A. Nichols). Story Direction by Art Davis, Alex Lovy, Lewis Marshall, Paul Sommer, Art Scott, and Steve Clark. Layouts by Willie Ito, Richard Bickenbach, Brad Case, Lin Larsen, Homer Jonas, Bruce Bushman, Alex Ignatiev, Walt Clinton, and Morris Gollub. Backgrounds by Richard H. Thomas, Ron Dias, F. (Fernando) Montealegre, Bob Gentle, Fernando Arce.Edited by Warner Leighton, Donald A. Douglas, Larry Cowan, Greg Watson, Dan Finnerty, Tony Milch, Ken Spears, Edward Warschilka, and Milton Krear. Supervising Film Editing by Warner Leighton. Production Supervision by Howard Hanson. Assistant Production Supervision by Victor O. Schipek. Story Supervision by Arthur Pierson. Character Design by Jerry Eisenberg. Technical Supervision by Frank Pakier. Cameras operated by Frank Paiker, Charles Flekal, Norm Stainback, Roy Wade, and Frank Parrish. Sound Direction by Richard Olson. Voices by Mel Blanc (Secret Squirrel), Paul Frees (Morocco Mole, Chief, Hi Spy), Howard Morris, Daws Butler, Don Messick, Jean Vanderpyl, Janet Waldo, and Henry Corden. Music by Ted Nichols.

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