Late Night: True But Reductive

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”300″ height=”169″ align=”right” !} So I don’t think Modo was entirely wrong here:

How is it that the president won the argument on gun safety with the public and lost the vote in the Senate? It’s because he doesn’t know how to work the system. And it’s clear now that he doesn’t want to learn, or to even hire some clever people who can tell him how to do it or do it for him.

It’s unbelievable that with 90 percent of Americans on his side, he could get only 54 votes in the Senate. It was a glaring example of his weakness in using leverage to get what he wants. No one on Capitol Hill is scared of him.

But it’s not Obama Republicans should be afraid of. It’s us.

Republicans right now are scared stiff of the religious bigots and casual racists that make up their primary-voting base. Offend the True Believers, and suffer their wrath. Democrats, on the other hand, have spent the last three decades at least being taught that only offending one’s base gets one rewarded. Kick the hippies in the teeth one more time, even if this time the hippies are 90 percent of the public, because that’ll make all the Very Serious People love you.

The true constituency of politicians is the very editorial pages for which MoDo and her pals write, because nothing burns up those pages like Democrats betraying their own.


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