Misfits of Science…amongst other things


via Gage Skidmore at flickr.com

Hey potentially big news:

Scientists are close to solving one of the biggest mysteries of the universe. They have found tantalising evidence that might soon explain dark matter…dark matter is composed of sub-atomic particles that permeate all regions of space, with a combined gravitational force that influences the movements of the biggest objects, from planets and solar systems to stars and galaxies.

But can science explain matters this dark?

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli has filed a petition with the 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond asking the full 15-judge court to reconsider a decision by a three-judge panel last month that overturned the state’s sodomy law.

No positive thought escapes Cuccinelli’s black hole.  Way to pitch a small tent…and fit.

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