“Pay attention to ME!”

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North Korea apparently feels the world was insufficiently shaken by its threat to launch a nuclear war before the UN voted to strengthen sanctions against them last week.  Because not enough attention was paid, another threat was needed.

North Korea on Monday canceled the armistice agreement that nearly 60 years ago brought a cease-fire to the Korean War…

The move, reported by the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper, was anticipated – Pyongyang had said last week that it intended to do so in the wake of new United Nations’ sanctions over its nuclear weapons program. But the ramifications of the development – the papers cited a military spokesman as saying the armistice had been “scrapped completely” – are far from clear.

So another day another threat, oh they went and disconnected their “hotline” to South Korea.

I guess they didn’t like the new sanctions that even China joined in upon.

Who knows what Diva behavior may follow tomorrow…more if we’re lucky, because they have done a few things in the past that are very destructive.

Who do they think they are, us?

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