Late Night: Let’s Hate on Chuck

A highlight from the Kerry confirmation hearing (which was FULL OF HIGHLIGHTS for those of us who love John Kerry which I think is just me and Hillary at this point) last week:

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., expressed reservations about Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel at today’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State nominee Sen. John Kerry, and asked Kerry to “reassure” him on Hagel; Kerry obliged, praising his former Senate colleague as a “strong, patriotic former Senator” who will make an excellent Defense Secretary.

Let this serve as a lesson for every other Republican out there. No matter how long you’ve been a Republican, or what you’ve done as a Republican, or how you’ve refrained (mostly) from pointing out that your own party is bugfuck insane and who are these people and who let them in here anyway, the minute a Democrat says something nice about you, or gives you a job such as Secretary of Something, you become HITLER TIMES INFINITY and it is time to take you down.


(And suddenly we hate Pentagon contracts and benefits to private companies and also conflicts of interest? Suddenly this is a problem?)

I don’t love Hagel at all, think he was kind of a crap choice and wonder why we couldn’t find a Democrat to deal with this job, but it is immensely amusing to watch Republicans throw somebody over the side just because. And I can’t believe more people don’t watch how this kind of thing happens and think twice about signing up for an outfit that treats its members like this.


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