Just another isolated instance (of a horrifying trend)

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Time for another round of … hey the arctic is opening up for oil exploration articles in the Wall Street Journal.

The average temperature for 2012 was 55.3 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.2 degrees above normal and a full degree higher than the previous warmest year recorded — 1998 — NOAA said in its report Tuesday. All 48 states in the contiguous U.S. had above-average annual temperatures last year, including 19 that broke annual records, from Connecticut through Utah.

Another record year here and around the globe.

Each year since 2001 has been among the warmest on record worldwide

Damn you Al Gore.

The temperature forecast for next Monday by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is so unprecedented – over 52C – that it has had to add a new colour to the top of its scale, a suitably incandescent purple.

Yeah, but where are the real world effects?

A record-breaking heatwave and high winds across south-eastern Australia have produced some of the worst fire conditions seen in the country, with blazes destroying thousands of hectares of land (video) and threatening properties, but – so far – sparing lives.

I guess it’s a nightmarish balance to last year’s biblical flooding.

But on to serious issues…

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