Late Late Night FDL: Farmyard Symphony

Farmyard Symphony.  This Walt Disney Silly Symphony cartoon was released on October 14, 1938.

Directed by Jack Cutting (uncredited). Produced by Walt Disney. Production Management by David Hand (uncredited). Story by Vernon Stallings (uncredited). Animation by Jack Bradbury (uncredited), Paul Busch (uncredited), Bernard Garbutt (uncredited), Ken Hultgren (uncredited), Milt Kahl (uncredited), Lynn Karp (uncredited), Eric Larson (uncredited), Don Lusk (uncredited), Fred Madison (uncredited), Paul Satterfield (uncredited), and John Sewell (uncredited). Layouts by Arthur Heinemann (uncredited) and David Hilberman (uncredited). Voices by (in alphabetical order) Billy Bletcher (Bull – uncredited), Florence Gill (Hens / Rooster – uncredited), and Clarence Nash (Duck Sounds (uncredited). Original Music by Leigh Harline (uncredited).

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