Well tomorrow we can start our fretting about the coming “grand bargain” but at least for tonight there’s relief.

Yay, the sinking of Tea Party favorites…a lesson that will surely not be learned — they’ll be back dumber than ever.  Good luck with that mainline GOPers, that’s a bed you’ve happily made.

Yay, Elizabeth Warren.

And now we can point at laugh at the following:

1.  Unskewed Polls guy.

2.  And on that note, this site “NateSilverisWrong.Com” just went up yesterday.  Good timing.

3.  Dick Morris (just replay your laugh from 2008).

4.  Peggy Noonan, who said she thought Romney would win and Obama lose through the power of her observational skill reading faces.  She gets a LOT of money for that kind of analysis.   And she’ll never want for a salary over it.

But hey, at least the 1% got to party in style.


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