From the first day that Ryan joined the Romney ticket, the campaign has been running away from The Ryan Budget.

The first 48-72 hours of Ryan’s VP candidacy saw John Sununu zipping from one TV interview to another to announce that Romney was NOT adopting The Ryan Budget and would have a budget plan of his own. Since then, both Romney and his surrogate speakers have been tripping over themselves to remind voters that Romney, not Ryan is at the top of the ticket. Who can forget Romney’s failed cheerleader moment when he could not turn a crowd cheering for Ryan into a crowd cheering “Romney-Ryan”?

On Friday night, Chris Matthews made a similar observation (video above).

Matthews thinks that The Ryan Budget is the cause of Romney’s grief. Howard Fineman says that Romney did not pick Ryan for the The Ryan Budget. The more scrutiny the Ryan budget gets, the less popular it becomes. Joy-Ann Reid says that the Ryan budget has put Obama ahead in the over-60 voting bloc, a critical base for Romney.