Why not just pull out the paper bags for comparison?

via Patrick McEvoy-Halston at flickr.com

Consider Tucker Carlson’s antidote for losing every job at every cable news outlet, “The Daily Caller”, your go-to website for stories too trifling for the Politico, it has a new one.

A Democratic Hispanic guy is NOT sufficiently Hispanic. Ay dios mios!

[Julián] Castro, who played up his Mexican heritage by speaking a few lines in Spanish, admits “he doesn’t really speak Spanish,” according to a 2010 profile in The New York Times Magazine.

How dare he, I mean really, as a German/Norwegian American who can neither speak German or Norwegian I am appalled, everybody knows every real hispanic speaks the hispanish.

What’s that? He later did take lessons in Spanish?

Well then, he must not be a good American.

You had your chance Julián and you chose to be insufficient in whatever nationality category the Daily Caller chooses.

We cannot have this sort of insufficiency of inauthentic authenticity when Democrats are running against that paragon of consistency Mitt Romney and his authentic running mate who runs sub-three to five-minute marathons; climbs every fourteen-thousand foot mountain in Colorado; never dips into government largesse; and who has consistently rejected that socialist nightmare Romneycare Obamacare.

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