Late Night: Dogs and Brews

Cute dachshunds in Krakow paraded over long weekend, while just in time–well, actually a little late, since beer takes a a couple weeks to brew–for Labor Day, the White House released its recipes for two brews they make for Obama. Guess that emphasizes that you can sit down for a beer with Obama, but not with Mitt.  However, in England there’s a rise in “temperance cocktails” –herbal fizzy blends of dandelion and burdock roots; sasparilla and various spices; apple juice and teas. And now there’s heaps of folks making their own sodas, either from homemade syrups mixed with seltzer and other sparkling waters; or by actually brewing them with yeast, then refrigerating them to stop the fermentation. The latter ends up with about 1% alcohol, so it’s unlikely they’d find their way into Mitt’s house.

How was your Labor Day?

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