They emaciated it

As Republicans assemble this week and proclaim how they alone have built things — in a place the government built, in a convention delayed because of warnings from the government — it is fitting that we see the fruit of all that individualism’s ruggedness.

In 15 states, at least one in five Americans say they struggled to afford the food they needed at least once during the past 12 months. Nationwide, 18.2% of Americans so far in 2012 say there have been times when they could not afford the food they needed, on par with the 18.6% who had trouble affording food in 2011.

Residents of states in the Southeast and Southwest regions are the most likely in the country to struggle to afford food.

Here’s the map of where people are the most deprived…see if you sense a pattern?

Look at all those dark green repositories of the limited government philosophy.

(Via the Great Orange Satan)

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