FDL Movie Night: SHARKS! With “2-Headed Shark Attack” Director Christopher Ray


Welcome galeophobes and galeophiles to FDL’s *Shark* Movie Night!

(spoiler alert!)

When their boat begins to sink, a group of college kids on a semester-long trip with their handsome oceanography professor are stranded on a tropical atoll. In the water lurks one body, two heads, and 60,000 teeth! 2-Headed Shark Attack, this summer’s shark-based horror flick starring Carmen Electra and directed by tonight’s guest Christopher Ray, is a playful bikini-filled romp with plenty of blood, guts, gore and collegiate angst. Who will survive the 2-Headed Shark Attack?

Ray’s no stranger to the shark sci-fi/horror genre. He’s the man responsible for bringing the super-scary screamfest Shark Week to the SyFy Channel (think Jaws meets Saw when a evil freak locks eight strangers in a week-long battle against different species of sharks, each deadlier–and hungrier –than the last!) and delivering Mega-Shark vs Crocosaurus.

So with Labor Day approaching and hot weather driving us to the beaches where hidden danger lurks, FDL Movie Night is thrilled to present our own SHARK NIGHT!

Universal Studios, Hollywood "Jaws" attraction, part of the tram tour.


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