Manuel Diaz’ Mother Won’t Be Silenced in Anaheim

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Citizens of Anaheim gathered Wednesday night to demand change from their City Council. One of those citizens was Genevieve Huizar, the mother of Manuel Diaz who was shot and killed by Anaheim Police just over two weeks ago. Diaz’ killing led to a series of protests demanding an end to the frequent police shootings in the Latino community – a community that makes up the majority of the city but has no representation in city government. One of the issued addressed at the Council meeting was the call (and suit by ACLU) for a change away from city-wide elections to district representation. One outcome of the recent events in Anaheim is that Disneyland, the largest employer in the city, has now come out in favor of election reform.

While such changes are important, Manuel Diaz’ mother had a simpler and more direct message to deliver – even when a heckler attacked her. She speaks for so many mothers in Anaheim and elsewhere. Please listen.