So, slow news day huh?

The Late Chief Justice Melville Fuller -- Whose Court gave us Lochner via, yeah that's really him, it is not an editorial cartoon

Well in about six and a half hours we’re probably going to see Chief Justice John Roberts do his best Melville Fuller impression and then head off to his Summer Vacation of Koch-sponsored junkets and government provided health care to handle that seizure disorder.   That good health care coverage is something that he and President Obama have in common — the rest of us, not so much.  Good times.

Not much else going on. Oh, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is now President of Egypt so FoxNews is going to have to try to talk about that during short breaks from the healthcare reform story. But they won’t talk about how Darrell Issa wants to hold someone in contempt even though he doesn’t have any reason to think they covered anything up other than the (D) behind their titles.

And what is happening in your world?

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