Now here is something that could be anticipated

Hey, some decisions came down from the Supreme Court yesterday — but not that one. And look, another pro-business decision from the Roberts’ Court:

The Supreme Court on Thursday set aside indecency sanctions imposed by the Federal Communications Commission on two television networks, but sidestepped for the second time a decision on whether the agency’s regulation of the airwaves violates free speech rights.

Oh by all means, let’s avoid actually ruling on the law, but there’s no way we can let major businesses have to actually pay a fine  — and hey we’re here today, let’s kick a public employee union too.

Yes, on principle I am happy that if, for some very bizarre reason I am ever invited on “Reliable Sources”, I can fulfill my dream of saying “Fuck You, Howie” repeatedly until I am dragged from the studio without Time-Warner being unduly punished.

But it is the other trend that is most worrisome. In the six plus years of the Roberts’ Supreme Court you could be Mordecai Brown and still count the decisions that were not-pro corporation on one hand — with enough left over to flip the bird.

Corporation’s are not just people, they are Supreme Beings.

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