Now that’s vote fraud!

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The Party who is desperately attempting to eliminate from the voting rolls all those who may vote against it (with virtually no media coverage of this attack on a fundamental and sacred right) is the ONLY one that appears to be engaging in voting fraud. And here’s the new poster child:

A criminal probe into doctored petitions for U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter may be uncharted territory as officials say they’ve never encountered such widespread signature problems.

About 87 percent of McCotter’s signatures to get on the primary ballot were tossed because of duplicated copies and apparent copying and pasting of past signatures on his nominating petitions which the state’s election chief said Tuesday was “frankly unheard of.”

“No one has heard of anything so over the top before,” echoed former Republican Attorney General Mike Cox. He added: “To have really overt massive potential fraud is really very unusual.”

McCotter is one of FoxNews and right-wing radios real darlings with a long history of outrageous lying. One can imagine he thought copying and pasting old voter lists was well…the IOKIYAR was never more evident.

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