The War on talkin’ about War…oh, and women

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On Memorial Day, as I learned from one of Bill O’Reilly’s “for kids” books, there is something that occurs but once a year (ok, twice).  GI Joe comes from the D.E.W. Line in his magical tank and bestows gifts upon military veterans for their service (“hope you weren’t counting on the ‘Dream Act’ but here’s the gift of PTSD José“).  Hey, it’s right there on page 1, 29, or 187, look it up.

But then, just like Christmas,  liberal grinchulist workers party member Chris Hayes had to ruin it by distinguishing veterans from the wars they were required to fight. How dare you question the expansion of Arlington Cemetery, sir — have you a normal amount of shame?!

All our soldiers are heroes…until they are not Republican enough — or do not perform to Ann Coulter’s satisfaction. Same thing.

It’s quite simple really.

But now that we’ve knocked shouted that issue down that we can get back to statements about our soldiers that are not to be criticized.

Fox’s Ablow: Women Wanting To Serve In Combat Is “Narcissism” And Allowing It Would “Shoot Holes In Our Culture”

I hope we all can be properly contrite and move on from this.

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