It’s All Fun and Games Until Jesus Loses an Eye

Hey kids! Remember this?

Americans United has protested a Virginia county official’s announcement that citizens who are offended by Christian invocations at board of supervisors meetings can “leave the room.”

AU attorneys wrote to the Campbell County Board of Supervisors Aug. 24 after Board Chairman Steven M. Shockley expressed support for sectarian prayers and advised dissenters to step outside.


Wright urged the Virginia local officials to avoid terms from one faith tradition such as “In Jesus’ name we pray.” (The North Carolina case, Joyner v. Forsyth County, is sponsored by Americans United and allies.)

Wright’s advice didn’t sit well with some board members. According to the Brookneal Union-Star, the supervisors criticized the ruling.

Addressing the citizens gathered in the room, Shockley said, “If you’re offended by the name of Christ or Lord and Savior, you are welcome to leave the room.”

Or this one?

The leading Republican proposal to restore “voluntary prayer” in public schools would let local school authorities require the saying of a prayer at the beginning of each class day. Students who do not wish to participate could sit silently or leave the room, the measure’s prime House sponsor says.


“We want to let local school boards make the decision,” said Rep. Ernest Istook Jr. (R-Okla.), who has introduced a proposed constitutional amendment on school prayer. “It does not require that prayers be held. But why should an ACLU attorney from New York City tell the people in Chandler, Okla., that they cannot have prayer in the public schools? That’s the essence of it.”

God-botherers don’t like it when the sandal is on the other foot (Breitbart link, don’t feel obligated to click it):

The father of two students who attended the high school journalism conference where White House-endorsed “anti-bullying” advocate Dan Savage attacked the Bible and Christianity has spoken out vehemently against Savage and against the conference organizers.

“My son and daughter both attend Arrowhead Christian High School in Redlands, CA,” Philip Naman told Breitbart News. “They were at the event.

“My son is the first boy you see leaving on the video. My daughter is right behind him. They felt that they were there to hear about journalism and this man’s fight against bullying. They had no idea, and neither did I, of who Dan Savage actually was.

“As he started to insult the children’s God, Bible, and choice of lifestyle, my son felt he had enough and calmly got up to leave. My daughter followed him and then the rest of their 22 classmates all got up and left.


“The attitude of the conference coordinators was as disturbing as Dan Savage’s,” he says. “They reportedly said that as journalists the kids should have been able to sit there and take it all in. They felt the only thing that they had failed at was to not clearly tell the attending schools about Dan Savage. If they had to warn the schools, why would they let him speak?

Because good journalists leave the room when the people say things they don’t want to hear.