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When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist.” Dom Hélder Pessoa Câmara, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, also known as the ‘Bishop of Corum’

  • “European shares have recovered slightly from Monday’s sharp falls as investors shook off rising Spanish bond yields and worsening forecasts of Greek economic contraction.”
  • “Fighting for his political life, President Nicolas Sarkozy has plunged further to the right, provoking accusations that he is copying the National Front (NF) and even the ultra-conservative wartime regime in Vichy.”
  • “The EU’s trade commissioner has warned Argentina that its nationalisation of the oil firm YPF will have long-term consequences and may put off investors.”
  • “The daughter of a jailed hunger striker has been remanded in custody for protesting during the Formula One Grand Prix last weekend.” Hunger strike.
  • “Syria is still seeing ‘unacceptable’ levels of violence, envoy Kofi Annan has told the UN Security Council, after dozens of people were reportedly killed across the country despite a ceasefire. ‘The situation in Syria continues to be unacceptable,’ Annan told a closed-door meeting. He spoke after a car bomb rocked central Damascus, wounding three people, while dozens were killed across the country a day earlier ahead of the deployment of 300 UN peace observers.”
  • TRNN: “Amr Moussa makes Bid for Egypt’s Presidency. Mubarak’s former foreign minister Amr Moussa, officially kicked off his campaign for the presidency in the backdrop of a sprawling slum and a colonial villa. While the international community seems to favor Moussa, on the Egyptian street, he’s often referred to as the ‘felool’ or remnant of the former regime.”
  • Robert Fisk: “For little Sayef, there will be no Arab Spring. He lies, just 14 months old, on a small red blanket cushioned by a cheap mattress on the floor, occasionally crying, his head twice the size it should be, blind and paralysed. Sayeffedin Abdulaziz Mohamed – his full name – has a kind face in his outsized head and they say he smiles when other children visit and when Iraqi families and neighbours come into the room.”
  • “Israeli has legalized the status of three Jewish settlement outposts in the West Bank. According to a statement from the office of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the decision was taking at a ministerial committee meeting late on Monday, AFP says.”
  • “What to do in the aftermath of the Occupy Wall Street movement, when the protests that started far away – in the Middle East, Greece, Spain, UK – reached the centre, and are now reinforced and rolling out all around the world?”
  • “Remember the grungy record-store dude who mocked your music choice before insisting you spend your hard-earned cash on an obscure noise band? He may now wear a suit and work in Brussels.”

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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