The One Who Sits in Heaven Laughs

“The rulers of the earth take counsel together . . . and the one who sits in heaven laughs.” –Psalm 2:2, 4

(Ed. Note: Set down your beverages before continuing. You have been warned.)

Scene: Heaven

As the cherubim and seraphim fly around, singing and playing their harps, The Almighty is seated on the Divine Throne, peering at the Divine Monitor (Steve Jobs is trying hard not to look envious).


The Almighty: “Hey Gabriel . . .

<TA guffaws loudly and points to screen>

The Almighty: . . . can you believe . . .

<TA grabs the Divine Sides and doubles over in laughter>

The Almighty: . . . I mean, look at Sarah Palin . . .

<huge gasp, trying to fill the Divine Lungs>

The Almighty: . . . drilling, shilling, and killing is what I want? . . .

<TA points again to the screen, tears streaming down the Divine Cheeks>

The Almighty: . . . couldn’t finish three years as governor . . .

<TA falls over backwards onto the clouds, giggling wildly>

The Almighty: . . . and Santorum . . . unadulterated sanctimony! . . . lives in the ‘burbs?!? . . .

<lying on the Divine Back, TA rolls eyes and smacks forehead>

The Almighty: . . . and PEOPLE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY!!!!

<stunned silence in all of heaven, broken only when TA rolls over and pounds on the clouds, laughing and crying at the same time>

<Cherubim and seraphim fly away in fright, dropping their harps>

<Gabriel carefully backs up, not looking away from TA for a single moment>

Gabriel: “Uh, Boss? I’ll just come back later when you’re more together and can speak in complete sentences . . .”


image h/t to Filippino Lippi (1457-1504) — located in the Carafa chapel of the Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome

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