That’s nice, now back to Jesus Horses

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Try to act surprised, study finds:

Teens who receive formal sex education wait longer to have sex, a new study finds — and when they do get around to doing the deed, they’re more likely than teens who haven’t had sex ed to use contraception…contrary to some critics’ beliefs, there is no evidence that sex education encourages teens to have sex sooner or to take more sexual risks.

But to conservatives like Rick Santorum, and apparently for the foreseeable future every major Republican Presidential candidate, the real crime is knowing how to use birth control. So much for science, the important thing is that kids don’t hear about sex in a responsible manner, and just make babies by figuring it out the hard way…so to speak.

So back to believing in Jesus Horses. Although as the four candidates of the apocalypse tour the South, they do start to make speeding up the end times seem a plausible option.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy will campaign for Mitt Romney, the Romney campaign announced Sunday.

Mitt is at least wealthier than a fifth grader.

But seriously, who is Larry the Cable Guy endorsing?

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